Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) VR And The Next Critical Hardware Project

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) VR projects have been a large focus, since CEO of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg first purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014. However, Zuckerberg still intends to integrate virtual reality with that of Social Media platforms.

Facebook has already dabbled largely in the release of virtual reality, however, it did not kick off quite as was hoped by the tech giant, due to overpricing, and a few other marketing factors; a prime example of such a product is Oculus Rift.

However, Facebook VR strikes again, with the release of a new product that has been called Oculus Touch, which is essentially a pair of wireless controllers that incorporate your hands into the virtual reality experience – integrated with the use of Oculus rift.


The plans for Future VR and pricing of the Oculus Touch

It has been revealed that the Oculus touch will be hitting the markets on December 6, furthermore, it was released that the full retail value of these products will be $199.

During the last Oculus conference, Mike Schroepfer, the CTO of Facebook, along with Michael Booth, who is part of the newly reformed Facebook virtual reality team donned a pair of Oculus Touch, as well as Oculus rift and provided a demo to how it would work.

Limitations of the new Facebook VR technology

Facebook VR is known to not be in the price range that ‘general-consumers’ are able to find affordable, and similar to other projects, this is no different. Not only do you require to invest in Oculus Rift, approximately $600.

It does not stop there, in addition to this, you are also required to purchase Oculus Touch, $199 and the most unfortunate part, in order to run this, it has been reported that you need to have a high-tech PC, which would be worth thousands of dollars.

Facebook product manager, and business lead, Mike Beltzner commented on Facebook VR “This is the first bunch of updates that you will see around social VR, however, there are too many factors to control, to give a specific delivery date”.

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