Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google vs. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): Who is Who?

The punch-for-punch fight between Google vs. Facebook is not likely to end anytime soon. As Facebook outlines what looks like such an ambitious roadmap into connecting people across the world, Google is also working out something. Just recently the tech firm held an event, introducing its new hardware, which will perhaps compete with Facebook’s 10-year strategy.

Facebook’s vision for the year 2026 is at its boldest of all. It is ideal for a future where everyone is embracing for artificially intelligent computers, which are more or less like human beings. An earlier demo by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off “Social VR,” which had an integration of the Oculus Rift headset and a 360-degree camera.

Google vs. Facebook: What is their social power in the market?

The two are equally important in their relevant capacities and different ways. Nonetheless, the most notable thing about Google vs. Facebook is the exciting competition in the futuristic and far-reaching technological world. As Facebook tries to break into a search that is yet to yield tangible results, Google’s YouTube remains an undisputed ruler of the web video. The company is also attempting to become a social network.


Just the other day, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that the firm is indeed using artificial intelligence in an effort to build a personal Google for each of its users. The two companies are neck-to-neck and are both making huge investments in connecting the world. But even as Facebook turns to self-piloting laser drones, and Google the use of balloons, they are sharing a self-given mission; the connection of the underserved populations to the internet.

Google and Facebook are both seeking to become indispensable

From the analysis of all these unfolding, the two are fighting to be pioneers in the next phase of technology. Facebook was initially on a slow transformation of PC to the Smartphone, but the majority of its users are now on mobile. The field of artificial intelligence is still very young, but both of them are keen on pulling breakthroughs. However, the Google vs. Facebook battle will not be won just by a release of one product hence the two must out their groove together if they have to outdo each other. Google traded at $800.71, a slide of $2.37 or 0.30% from its previous session. Facebook closed at $126.99, an increase of $0.25 or 0.19%.

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