Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Mobile Search Will Launch In A Few Month’s Time

The use of a phone or computer to perform any Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google search currently gives the same results. However, this is set to change in the next couple of months thanks to the launch of Google Mobile Search. Google promises that the new mobile search index will be of a higher upgrade than the existing desktop index; hence it will deliver more current results to Smartphones. Given the increased use of mobile devices to conduct a search, Google’s move will certainly make sense to many. In any case, the world is developing at a very speedy pace.

The idea of mobile indexing was floated last year. This was followed by intense experimentation, and now Google is all ready to rock and roll the service. The news was public via Google’s trends analyst, Gary Illyes. However, the analyst did not disclose the exact date when the free index will launch.

Google Mobile Search: It will become the primary index

The launch of Google Mobile Search will not be the end of the story according to Illyes. Google will move on to a separate mobile search index, which will in due course become the primary one. This is what would later be used by Google to reply to search queries. Meanwhile, Google is placing so much focus on mobile traffic. It is not surprising that Google is taking advantage of the declining PC market as the mobile device market develops by day and it is set to have a better outlook by 2017.


But details are a little thin on the ground

There is very little news to rely on as Google’s intentions are concerned. The news of Google’s move crept out of a social media and optimization conference at Pubcon which means all we have now are speculation. Nonetheless ‘half bread is better than none’ and it is just a matter of time before all actions are ascertained. In fact, it is a matter if months. Meanwhile, it is not known yet whether or not the mobile index will only return results that are considered mobile-friendly.

The company has also said that it will throw in penalties to websites with intrusive pop-up ads on Smartphones. Compared to its last trading session, it closed at $804.60 an increment of $0.52 or 0.06%.

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