Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) AI Hire Expert To Bolster Siri Intelligence

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) AI Expert was hired to aid Apple to stay relevant with regards to AI and the company’s competition. Proof of the company pushing to better its artificial intelligence resources, such as Siri comes in the form of Apple recruiting Professor Russ Salakhutdinov.

The announcer of the news was Salakhutdinov, who took to Twitter to proclaim his excitement at the prospective development of artificial intelligence in his new position. Salakhutdinov will serve as the new director of Apple’s artificial intelligence research team.

On his tweet about Apple AI hire, Salakhutdinov tweeted “Excited about joining Apple as a director in addition to my work at CMU.”

Further plans for Apple AI Hire and artificial intelligence development

The Apple AI Hire strategy may not just extend to this professor, however, as Salakhutdinov requested people that are interested in joining the team, apply to the post via the Apple website. There is speculation that there will be a co-operation between Salhutdinov’s team with that of the Turi Division.


In addition to working with the Turi division, in extension, it is also suspected that there will be a cohesion between other teams that are responsible for Siri and similar core services.

Although no clear goals have been set out for Sakhutdinov from the public perspective, there is a high likelihood, which in iOS 10, Siri will be well advanced. This comparison is made from the current Siri intelligence.

Proof Leading to the belief Apple is focusing on developing AI resources

It is not an unknown fact that Apple is seemingly falling behind competitors regarding artificial intelligence. However, it appears that will soon change. In addition to hiring an expert on AI development, Apple has gone on another acquisition spending spree.

Excluding the Apple AI hire, the tech giant has also sought and succeeded in acquiring various companies such as Tuplejump, Perception, VocalIQ, Emotient, Coherent Navigation, Semtric, as well as Mapsense. These investments will aid Apple to stay forerunner in the growth and development of artificial intelligence.

Apple stock closed on $117.55 on Monday after gradually declining $0.08 or 0.07%.

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