Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Bought Undecidable Labs To Help In The Monetization Of Image Search

Technology expansion, the need for innovation and invention are some of the things that are quickly pushing out tech firms from their comfort zones. It is the cause behind the increased buyouts. On the other hand, more companies are now embracing deep learning, a subdomain in artificial intelligence. So, is this the reason why Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google bought Undecidable Labs? It may, or it may not be, but apparently, Google is putting its acts together with a focus on increased revenue.

While little is known about Undecidable Labs, it was mainly involved in the development of technology that can turn online searches into purchases. A report has it that it was only able to raise less than $1 million in financing, which triggered the buyout by Google. Its co-founder and CEO, Cathy Edwards, who was previously an Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) engineer now takes the leadership of the engineering and product development for image search at Google.


Google bought Undecidable Labs: What does the acquisition mean for Google’s Image Search?

In an effort to explain why Google bought Undecidable Labs, Stefanie Kraus a designer at the startup said that there is so much that the purchase research tool has to offer, the likes of education around the product space. This in return helps customers in customization of their individual needs and preferences. The largest unit of Alphabet Inc is now tuning into making the startup’s massive image search database into a source of revenue.

The Google photos also come in handy, in that they allow users manage their personal photo library. Its accuracy in describing images had attained 94% popularity by September up from 89.6%. In any case, Image search business has been a key element of Google’s business.

But does Edwards have the expertise to manage the new venture?

Edwards was previously responsible for product engineering at Apple. Having succeeded Li Fan, who left Google for Pinterest, her primary focus was on App Store, Apple TV, iTunes, and Apple Maps. Thus, chances are higher that she has a wider understanding of why Google bought Undecidable Labs.

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