Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Unveils Google PhotoScan

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google has recently introduced Google PhotoScan, an app that allows users to capture and store old, printed photos digitally.

How Google PhotoScan Works

Rolled out on Tuesday, Google PhotoScan is available on all Android and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS smartphones. Using a smartphone’s camera, the app enables users to take four photos of a printed photo, leading to a digitally recreated one.

When users open Google PhotoScan, they will be prompted to hold their smartphones above a printed photo. It then scans the photo and takes four separate images to produce a high-quality digital version of the photo. By comprehensively scanning the photo and stitching the taken images, the digital version of the printed photo will not look like a photo taken a photograph of.

What is more interesting about Google PhotoScan is that while it automatically stores the scanned photos in users’ smartphones, users can opt to automatically back them up on Google Drive. After all, Google Drive users have a free 15GB storage capacity. This already entitles them enough space to store tens of thousands of photos and other media as well.

However, the app still does not have a built-in editor to correct colors or to make other necessary adjustments. For the meantime, users will still have to use other apps if they want to edit scanned photos.

A Convenient Solution

Accordingly, with Google PhotoScan, the company does not only aim to provide users with a convenient way to digitally recreate old photos. Primarily, Google also intends to directly compete with entities providing such services.

The services have long been giving customers the opportunity to transform printed photos into digital photos that do not wear out through time, David Lieb, Google Photos Product Lead, believes that they have become inconvenient means for consumers.

“We make the scanning quick and we do all the work sorting your photos, and the app is free,” noted Lieb.

While scanning tons of printed photos can be time-consuming, Google PhotoScan still prides with cost-efficiency and convenience.

Alphabet and Apple have advanced 2.91% to $775.16 and 1.32% to $107.11, respectively, on Tuesday.

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