Monday, 04 January, 2016

Super Jealous Miss Germany Attracts The World's Attention After She Terribly Mauled Miss Philippines Who Won The Controversial Miss Universe Pageant

Steve Harvey mistakenly crowns the wrong Miss Universe
David Chambers | 01 January, 2016, 18:20

She was first mistakenly announced as the first-runner up by the event's host, Steve Harvey and hailed Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez as the victor.

During the pageant on Sunday evening, host Steve Harvey announced that Colombia's Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo won.

Steve Harvey has already apologized on-cam and on Twitter, and even went backstage to personally say sorry to Miss Universe Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, as reported by Us Weekly. To give it to her for a couple of minutes, and then to take it away. Miss Germany Sarah-Lorraine Riek was shocked that Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the true victor of the contest. "Are you going to take the crown from me now?'" she added.

"Everything happens for a reason", she said.

"I would say that the situation was completely different than I would have ever imagined", Santos told Canada AM. Instead, he switched Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines and initially declared Miss Colombia the victor.

The German claims Miss Philippines DIDN'T deserve the win because NONE of her fellow global beauty queens voted for her.

When Harvey returned to the stage, Wurtzbach appeared at a loss of what to do. "Am I really Miss Universe?'" she said. Some contestants supporting Miss Colombia and the awkward moment of the new Miss Universe from the Philippines.

They waited 42 years, and when the prestigious title of the Miss Universe finally came their way, it wasn't without drama.


Aside from Miss Germany's shade, the truth is it really was a very bad and jaw-dropping moment to watch.