Monday, 04 January, 2016

Stolen moving truck found in BC, but all contents gone

Moving truck stolen Surrey Have you seen this moving truck? It was stolen in Surrey and belongs to a family from Saskatchewan
David Chambers | 03 January, 2016, 19:24

A U-Haul truck and trailer containing virtually all their possessions was stolen sometime Tuesday night (Dec. 29) off the street near where they were staying near 34 Avenue and Rosemary Heights Drive in South Surrey.

"You pack, you prepare, you try and protect everything for the move".

"The truck was gutted", Michael Suiker told CTV Vancouver. "We're talking priceless items that you can never replace". But nearly everything inside that belonged to a father and daughter moving west from Saskatoon is gone.

The retired Saskatoon transit worker, long divorced from Meghan's mother, said he and his daughter had planned to set up house in Victoria, but everything is on hold while they wait to see if there is news of the stolen vehicles.

Gone with them were furniture, mementos and household items belonging to him and Meghan, who is due to graduate Grade 12 in the spring.

Suiker's girlfriend took to Facebook to ask for public help in finding the truck.

They've also posted pleas on social media, one of which has already been shared more than a thousand times.

A trailer with the family's ATV inside is still missing.

They quickly alerted a nearby police officer that was at the scene of a auto crash, saying they thought it might be the truck that had been stolen.