Friday, 22 January, 2016

South Korea President Speaks Against Seoul Making Nuclear Weapons

South Korea President Speaks Against Seoul Making Nuclear Weapons
145 | 20 January, 2016, 18:50

"China will not participate in the global community's sanctions towards North Korea".

(Hong Hae-in/Yonhap via AP).

South Korea's military and police announced Wednesday they have found thousands of anti-South leaflets in Seoul, border towns and other areas.

Another pastor named Park Simon, who also accompanied Ma and Kim to several church gatherings in the United States, told Voice of America that Kim frequented North Korea and called him from Pyongyang about four years ago.

The diplomat said all 15 Security Council members agree that North Korea should be denuclearized, and this will be reflected in a new resolution.

Nam is originally from a place that's now part of North Korea.

At the same time, the propaganda punch of the nuclear tests holds for many ordinary North Koreans has diminished each time as they begin to realize the pursuit of the weapons means more economic suffering, said Sokeel Park of the Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) organization, which works with defectors. The shots did not hit the drone.

North Korean drone flights across the world's most heavily armed border are rare but have happened before.

Relations are at boiling point after the secretive state conducted the test before declaring it is on the verge of war with South Korea just days later.

Kim Jong-Un, the leader of the secretive communist state, hailed the test a "success" and said it was created to protect the region "from the danger of nuclear war caused by the US-led imperialists", according to the country's news agency.

In an address to her own nation, Park spoke of the need to properly punish Pyongyang, after the North claimed last week that it had carried out its first hydrogen bomb test. The administration is deeply concerned about North Korea's recent actions, the official said, and will continue to use existing sanctions authorities to prevent financial support for North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye said more "provocations" by the North including "cyber-terrorism" were possible and new sanctions should be tougher than previous ones. Prior to last Wednesday, North Korea tested nuclear weapons in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

Park said Seoul and Beijing were discussing a draft U.N. Security Council resolution on North Korea, noting that Beijing has stated repeatedly that it would not tolerate the North's nuclear programme. Recently, the country's 'shop abilities have gotten better, and if this analysis is correct, then North Korea's next goal should be to improve its video manipulation. His reported remarks sparked speculation in Seoul that China has no intention of joining in any harsh punishment on the North.

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida (L) listens to US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy (R) during their talks at the foreign ministry in Tokyo on January 6, 2016 following North Korea's nuclear test.

Park said past broadcasts helped frontline North Korean soldiers learn the truth about Pyongyang's authoritarian rule and defect to South Korea.

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