Monday, 25 January, 2016

Sarah Palin blames her son's domestic violence arrest on Obama

Sk7ebwzqa6jd6vnv391m Is the establishment “rushing to support ” Trump?
David Chambers | 22 January, 2016, 13:29

Beck, a Dallas-based influential conservative radio talk-show host, will campaign with Cruz in Iowa on Saturday. All Trump needs to do is shave a few points off Cruz's vote to win a narrow victory, which could be enough to propel the populist billionaire to triumph in New Hampshire and beyond.

Translation: Trump would be a one time worry, but Cruz, just 45, would likely blame the moderate establishment if he lost as the GOP nominee and run again - having had a national campaign to build a stronger organization.

"I couldn't disagree with her more but she has played the game now for years", Beck said of Palin.

The only aspect Noah said he enjoyed more than Palin talking was Trump standing beside her, listening to the speech. "He was at 2 percent and then she came on and he did fine", Trump said.

"The Trump-versus-Cruz dynamic has defined the Republican race in the past couple of weeks", said Christopher Budzisz, associate professor of politics and director of the Loras College Poll.

If the Republican primary were held today, more than half of Arizona voters would cast a ballot for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, a new poll by the political consulting firm MBQF finds. "What the heck would the establishment know about conservativism?" she said.

This is the same John McCain who picked Palin from relative obscurity as Alaska's governor to be his Republican vice presidential running mate in 2008.

Dole said only Trump seemed to be able to take Cruz on, and he added that the real estate mogul seems to have "toned down" his rhetoric.

"I don't know how often you've heard him say the word "Republican" - not very often".

Palin used her platform on Wednesday to address the "elephant in the room" - new details about her son's arrest the night before she endorsed Trump in Iowa on Tuesday. And at Trump's next appearance on Wednesday in Norwalk, people who came to see him - both hard-core Trump supporters and undecided voters - said Palin was not swaying them.

In fairness, Hopkins came across far more eloquently than Palin, who generally sounded something like this.

"An investigation revealed Track Palin had committed a domestic violence assault on a female, interfered with her ability to report a crime of domestic violence and possessed a firearm while intoxicated".

Lemon asked the GOP presidential hopeful if it was "fair to link the president with her son's issues".

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