Monday, 25 January, 2016

Fallout: New Vegas Dev Interested in Doing Fallout 4 Follow-up

Bethesda Softworks website Bethesda Softworks website
Elliot Roberts | 23 January, 2016, 04:48

Bethesda's open world action adventure video game, "Fallout", had generated so much hype and a massive following that at one point an independent developer had actually managed to be allowed to work on the franchise itself.

Releasing in 2010 to strong sale figures, New Vegas was neither a prequel nor sequel to its immediate predecessor, and instead took numerous gameplay elements from Fallout 2 and spun them out across a standalone entry. That hasn't changed even after Fallout 4′s release as writer and designer Eric Fenstermaker said the studio was always up for it.

Many would like Obsidian return to the wasteland.

There's also a chance that a follow up to "Fallout: New Vegas" making use of "Fallout 4's" engine may end up taking longer to develop, meaning a 2018 release date could also be in play. However, Obsidian was well aware the aforementioned bonus was not guaranteed, but even so, the contract struck with Bethesda still remains to be somewhat unethical.

It's worth noting that Fenstermaker did not exactly say that the studio is working on a new "Fallout" game. Nevertheless, if Obsidian ever gets another crack at the series, we'll surely be in for another great game.

Though some fans may prefer "New Vegas", "Fallout 4" is still one of the most addictive games out right now. Chicago? New Orleans? Perhaps somewhere outside of the United States for once?


For now, though, all eyes at Bethesda are firmly trained on the post-launch content for Fallout 4.

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