Friday, 29 January, 2016

Trump holds 14-point lead over Cruz in latest Fox News poll

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Dana Christensen | 24 January, 2016, 11:39

With a huge opinion poll lead, Donald Trump has boasted he could shoot somebody in the middle of NY and still not lose votes.

The conservative media magnate took several shots at Trump, comparing him to a progressive in the likeness of President Obama. "The enmity which he wears on his sleeve - with pride - is something that he's now, you could nearly say cultivated to make him a freshman senator with no particular record into a national figure rallying everybody against the Washington cartel".

Trump responded to Cruz's attacks Friday morning via Twitter, writing: "Ted Cruz complains about my views on eminent domain, but without it we wouldn't have roads, highways, airports, schools or even pipelines". "It's, like, incredible", he said just before making the homicide remark. For Timothy Hoy, a Republican activist from Dallas, the February 1 caucuses carry added significance: They fall nearly five years after Cruz first called asking for his support in the Senate race.

"The people. My people are so smart, and you know what they say about my people?" "The time for silliness and reality show tactics has passed", Beck charged at a Cruz rally.

Evan Vucci/AP While his supporters may be loyal, there are still many people who are just as dedicated to rejecting his hate-filled rhetoric.

Donald Trump tweeted in response to the endorsement saying it was a "sad answer" to his own endorsement form Sarah Palin.

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck on Saturday endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for the White House.

Trump has also increased his criticism of Cruz in recent days as the Texas senator gains in the polls.

US Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks at Exeter Town Hall January 20, 2016 in Exeter, New Hampshire. "But Trump always has another trick or two along the way, and I would not discount that either".

The battle between Cruz and Trump could see more trouble from third-place candidate in the state, Marco Rubio, than either campaign perhaps thought.

The question, of course, is: Will the National Review's broadside have any impact on Trump's seemingly invincible campaign?

The latest opinion poll, conducted by CNN among likely Republican voters, shows Trump with 37% support to 26% for Cruz. Meanwhile, the possibility of a Trump win has started to become accepted among Republican insiders, according to the Washington Post.

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