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5 things you need to know about Deadpool

148 | 13 February, 2016, 22:06

Deadpool also has an excellent video game to his name that manages to mix together humour and mayhem with elan.

Ryan Reynolds opened up about his frustration with Wade Wilson's appearance in "The X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' The Canadian actor revealed he is happy that he finally got to correct the character in the stand-alone 'Deadpool" movie.

"So if you watch the movie, it's partly me playing it, and then I was just like, 'I can't do this, ' and then they have another actor [play Deadpool]". Although there are some interesting characters to enjoy, this is more or less a one-man show, with Reynolds constantly cracking jokes and kicking butt at the same time. In Deadpool, the superhero searches out the men who subjected him to the treatment.

You may have forgotten about Reynolds' previous attempt at anchoring a superhero franchise - the notorious 2011 flop The Green Lantern - but Reynolds certainly hasn't.

"In my dad's dying moments, we were making him laugh", Reynolds added. The movie sets a flippant tone with its opening credit sequence, in which the cast members are listed as A Hot Chick, A Sidekick, A CGI Character and, in the lead, God's Perfect Idiot. But they've gone back to the drawing board and returned with a much more faithful take on this forthright vigilante.

Deadpool is not your average superhero movie and I say this with brutal honesty - this is the one comic movie you leave the kids home for. The film also treats violent sociopathy as comedic fodder - much like Zombieland actually - and that can be a hit or miss thing for people as well.

If it's good enough for Deadpool, it's good enough for us.

RYAN Reynolds would be fine with having nine daughters.

Will you see Deadpool this weekend? Goodness knows February is generally a weak month for movies, so "Deadpool" really needs a chance if fans want to give the "Merc with a Mouth" the movie franchise he deserves.

So if you still need another reason to see "Deadpool", critics and fans alike are giving the film rave reviews, and rumors of a sequel began swirling for weeks before the film's release. Reynolds regularly breaks the fourth wall and talks to camera, acknowledging he's in a film and questioning why it got made, for example.

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