Monday, 04 January, 2016

WhatsApp crashes leaving users unable to send or receive messages

WhatsApp crash PH DOWN Whats App has gone into meltdown
Elliot Roberts | 31 December, 2015, 21:57

Many users of the app are now unable to receive or send any messages through the service, and considering it's New Year's Eve, this is leaving those who have been affected a little frustrated.

The problems were primarily centered in the United Kingdom and Western Europe, according to DownDetector, a website that provides real-time overview of Internet and mobile services. This revealed the outage spread across Europe and the US.

A quick search of Twitter and Facebook appears to show users in South America and Asia are now reporting trouble with the service as well.

When an existing chat was opened, the name of the person or group was replaced with a spinning wheel and the word 'connecting'.


The issue for the three of us was in the connection to the service, although Martin Bryant did report receiving Natt Garun's message about 2 minutes after the fact, but he wasn't able to reply.