Monday, 04 January, 2016

Patrons line up to see Donald Trump at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Trump: 'The last person Hillary Clinton wants to run against is me' Trump whines about media coverage at Mississippi rally: 'It's so damn unfair
Dana Christensen | 03 January, 2016, 19:47

Though the media did report extensively on the fact that Trump filled the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, with WLOX reporter Dave Elliott wandering around the crowd amid wide-angle shots of packed seats and long lines, Trump spend several minutes yelling at news crews covering the event and accusing the media of purposely not showing the size of his crowds in their reports.

"I'm going to build our military so strong, so powerful". Thus far, he has spent $300,000 compared to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has spent more than $40 million.

"I'm going to start spending quite a lot of money, because I want to be sure", Trump said.

"Spin the camera", he told one, and at one point he said, "They're really dishonest people".

Trump then said he'd fire the cameraman if he could. "Look at those guys, they don't turn it..."

Trump did not make himself available for questions before or after the event and is scheduled for five events in five states through Saturday.

Trump also attacked his rivals, particularly Clinton.

"Everyone knows she should be in jail", he said.

For nearly exactly one hour, Trump touched on topics from Common Core, healthcare, Hillary Clinton's email scandal and even immigration.

"Let people come into the country, but they're coming into the country legally".

Trump was introduced by "Diamond and Silk" two African-American women supporters who stump for Trump.

"He's not trying to be politically correct", Kathy Rogers of Hattiesburg said.

Hjalmberi Shytox of Purvis also favors Trump's lack of political correctness. "I see Trump as a way to get back to where we were".

Republican presidential candidate front runner Donald Trump blasted away at some of his favorite targets in front of an overflow crowd on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Saturday night.