Tuesday, 12 January, 2016

The Offspring sell back catalogue rights for £24 million

The Offspring's Music Rights Sold for $35 Million Round Hill Music Acquires The Offspring Catalog
Arnold White | 09 January, 2016, 02:18

Indeed, Americana is the only of the band's albums to even approach Smash's success, having shifted 5 million units over its lifetime (aided by a handful of successful singles, spearheaded by Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)). As a band that isn't exactly selling out arenas, this sort of income will allow them to continue playing the music they want for remaining fans, and not have to be as concerned with trying to create commercially successful songs.

Though its been four years since its last album-and over 20 since the release of its multi-platinum breakout, Smash-The Offspring are proving just how lucrative its catalog remains. Whether you loved The Offspring or hated them, you knew who they were, and were for some reason always familiar with the name Dexter Holland. "We have some masters like the Bush... but we wanted more exposure and you won't get a more high-quality catalog than The Offspring", says Round Hill Music Chairman and CEO Josh Gruss, apparently with a straight face. While we're not sure if the deal had been in the works since then, it has now been reported as official. " $35 million for the catalog, which includes its Columbia Records master recording catalog and the band's music publishing covering its entire career, including its time on Epitaph, which retains the ownership to those albums".

"Also, we didn't have some American punk rock in our publishing portfolio, and this acquisition helps broaden the genre representation".