Tuesday, 16 February, 2016

New Hampshire primary: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders likely to emerge victorious

Former President George W. Bush jokes with his brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush in Pensacola Florida Former President George W. Bush jokes with his brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush in Pensacola Florida
Dana Christensen | 14 February, 2016, 16:05

As voters in a snowy New Hampshire headed for the polls, Bernie Sanders held a 26-point lead over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic while Donald Trump led the Republican field. Rubio went from a third place showing in Iowa to fifth place in New Hampshire with 10.5 percent.

"The core of this campaign is that statement", Rubio said on CBS.

"I'm disappointed by tonight", Rubio said. "It's going to take a little longer, that's all".

Heated exchanges between Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also received a lot of attention, while John Kasich's calm demeanor also drew interest. "Now, having said that, what I feel uncomfortable about is that he's a great guy and he's my friend and I admire him", Bush said.

Rubio's stumble, perhaps the worst of his campaign so far, came at a crucial time.

Republican presidential hopefuls Govs.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says his underwhelming debate performance and low finish in the New Hampshire primary won't stop him from winning the Republican presidential nomination. "I'm going to say it again". No public polling has found Clinton in the lead in New Hampshire since November.

Sanders led former secretary of state Clinton 54% to 40%, down slightly from an 18 percentage point lead in the previous Poll of Polls. "This debate is an opportunity to elevate the very serious issues facing the residents of Flint, and it's also an opportunity to remind voters what Democratic leadership can do for the economy -so that everyone in America has a fair shot".

Rubio has tried to turn the episode, which is still sending shockwaves through the campaign two days later, into an attack on journalists he claimed were desperate to halt his momentum and keen to defend the President - and defiantly rolled out exactly the same line he deployed in the debate.

"Our goal has always been to communicate our message, and stick to it", he said. He has to bring his mother out and walk his mother around at 90 years old. "Okay, this is a stiff", Trump said. His campaign is more focused on the Southern states that follow later in the primary calendar. But the change in sentiment is most likely to benefit Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Florida Gov. Bush , said Weber.

"Our effort here, more than anything else, has been to demonstrate his relevance to the process", Rath said. "And first, before we get to the White House, we have to go through her".

Stung from a second-place finish in Iowa last week, Trump is hoping to translate his commanding lead in the polls into a decisive win to prove his unorthodox campaign can translate large crowds at raucous rallies into votes.

Trump is telling a town hall in Salem that waterboarding is "peanuts", compared to what Islamic State militants are doing. They expect you to get the schools open. "Pussy!" after Trump said this. "I blame the RNC for this". Ted Cruz tie for second at 12% each. Democrats are already resigned to the likelihood of a protracted primary following Sanders' strong performance in Iowa. In the 2008 New Hampshire primary, more than 525,000 people showed up to vote in a state with a voting eligible population of right around 1 million. "Sometimes it doesn't work out, but normally it does".

"Ana, you're a friend of Marco Rubio's", CNN host Alisyn Camerota pointed out on Monday. The two sharply attacked each other during Saturday's debate, and Bush called Trump a loser on the campaign trail Sunday. "Carolina was the favorite but they didn't win". "No one has shown a better understanding or better knowledge of the challenges we face on the global stage than I have".

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