Wednesday, 17 February, 2016

Snoop Dogg inspires Burger King staff

Bk hot dog 3 Kate Taylor
Dillon Hess | 14 February, 2016, 19:35

Burger King plans to start selling hot dogs, making its biggest menu change in decades as the unit of Restaurant Brands International Inc. seeks to extend recent sales gains.

The Classic Grilled Dogs will be available for US$1.99 (RM8.20) and the Chilli Cheese Grilled Dog for US$2.29, Burger King said in an emailed statement. "Everything that we do that's a little bit unique goes really well and that's where we saw the magic for hot dogs".

Here's why, based on a recent tasting, the hot dogs may be able to do just that - and why they might fall short.

The new menu addition comes to Burger King's 7,150 restaurants after more than 18 months of experimenting in five cities. Although supposedly you can customize the dogs anyway you want, which is a relief as I have said time and time again that ketchup on a hot dog is trash. While Macedo acknowledges that the idea of a classic dog can vary from city to city around the country, Burger King has picked essential condiments: relish, chopped onions, mustard, and ketchup. "We haven't been as excited about a product announced like this in a long long time".

The Dog, Snoop that is, stresses that Burger King employees will be grilling the dogs his way.

There will initially be two dogs introduced: the Classic and the Chili Cheese.

Macedo compares the launch to that of Burger King's most well-known burger, the Whopper. S. restaurants. Other smaller chains which sell hot dogs are Dairy Queen and Sonic Drive-In.

"We didn't crack the code or anything", Macedo said in an interview.

In an internal training video, which Burger King has made available on YouTube following popular demand, Snoop greets staff with: "What's up dog?"

While Macedo has high hopes for Burger King's hot dogs, and while initial results are encouraging, the history of fast food is riddled with much-hyped products that have failed, and failed hard, according to the Street.

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