Wednesday, 17 February, 2016

Attorney says Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend has ruptured eardrum

Manziel's ex-girlfriend lost hearing after alleged assault Colleen Crowley Update: Lawyer Claims Johnny Manziel Ruptured Her Eardrum, Left Hear Temporarily Deaf
Benjamin Gardner | 15 February, 2016, 18:11

The AP reported on Wednesday, Dec. 30 that the team said Manziel reported to the facility that day complaining of concussion-like symptoms. According to Mike Silver on NFL Network, the Browns "lied" about Manziel being drunk at a Wednesday practice late in the season.

After the Browns released their statement, Silver said that while he regrets using the word "lied," about the way Cleveland handled the Manziel situation, he stands by the veracity of his report. The team says he wasn't cleared from the protocol until January 12.

The ex-girlfriend at first refused to cooperate with Fort Worth police, who said they would not arrest Manziel because of a lack of evidence.

It seems like the difference here is that some Browns players believe Manziel was drunk and that the Browns placed him in concussion protocol as a cover-up. After fearing her life was in danger, Crowley attempted to defend herself with a knife, which scared Manziel off the property, she said.

The woman, Collen Crowley, says Manziel dragged her into a vehicle last month after she tried to get away from their hotel room. She wrote about Manziel throwing her on the bed and though he claimed he was doing it "playfully", Crowley wrote: "I tried to fight him off. I became very scared that he was going to hurt me". And while Colleen Crowley is expected to regain her ability to hear out of the ear in time, she is now unable.

Dallas police announced Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, they were launching a criminal investigation into a domestic violence assault complaint filed against Manziel, who was involved in an altercation last weekend during which he allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, several times.

Crowley said Manziel smashed her cell phone on the tile floor of her apartment. Respondent threw me off of him and I hit my head on the vehicle window and I fell into the passenger floorboard. I would only kill myself " He was not making sense". Crowley concluded her affidavit with, "I continue to be extremely concerned for my health and well-being". Worth, Texas apartment, she reportedly told Manziel that she hated him, and he told her he was planning to "go kill himself".

Manziel's father, Paul, told The Dallas Morning News that without help, his son "won't live to see his 24th birthday".

Manziel, 23, has been involved in controversy after controversy over the past year.

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