Nymox Shares Soar 28% on New Positive Data

Nymox Pharmaceutical shares were over 28% higher Wednesday midday after the company reported successful study results from its long-term blinded placebo crossover group from the U.S. phase 3 trials for fexapotide in late state development for enlarged prostate (BPH) and for localized prostate cancer.

Results from the trial demonstrated an 82% to 95% reduction in the number of patients who required surgery after they received crossover fexapotide in the trial, as compared to patients who did not receive fexapotide but instead received crossover conventional approved BPH treatments.

“These prospective study results in blinded placebo crossover patients clearly demonstrate that fexapotide reduces the long-term need for surgery by 82%-95% compared to approved conventional BPH treatments”, said CEO Paul Averback

“Fexapotide shows significant efficacy against prostate cancer as a therapeutic, and in addition has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer when fexapotide is used to treat BPH. This is in stark contrast to some conventional BPH treatments in routine clinical use today which on the other hand increase prostate cancer risk, and which have many other well known undesirable side effects,”

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