Fitbit Launches Wristbands to Keep Pace With Apple, Garmin

Fitbit launched two new wristbands and added more features to its Blaze watch to keep up with rivals Garmin and Apple. Added to the Fitbit, the company’s Charge 2 wrist band will track an increased number of health and fitness statistics while the Flex 2 becomes the company’s first water-resistant wristband.

The Charge 2 will be able to track running, biking and yoga. It will offer continuous heart rate tracking and offers a personalized cardio fitness level and score, based on a user’s profile, heart rate and exercise data, the company said. It also has a feature called “Relax” that “calms your body and mind through personalized deep-breathing sessions.”

The smaller Flex 2 can be used to track swimming, alerts users to texts or phone calls and has a reminder when they become sedentary.

The Blaze smartwach will allow for notifications from Facebook, Gmail and Snapchat, among other social media platforms, as Fitbit tries to keep up with the Apple Watch.

Garmin earlier this year released its Garmin Fenix 3 wristband that includes a watch and similar social media updates, but also tracks common sports such as swimming, biking and running along with not-as-common activities such as skiing.

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