Thursday, 14 January, 2016

Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula wins the 'Ticket to Finale'!

BB9 Kishwer Merchantt To Leaves The House With Rs 15 Lakh ! Bigg Boss 9 8th Jan 2016 Episode Written Updates
David Chambers | 09 January, 2016, 02:17

However, Mandana continued to insist on putting more oil. Today's highlight was the war zone created by silly common sense of Priya and Mandana. Priya started the day by guessing what song might mean. Priya's hair once touched the flour. It's not about the money, or so she says. To get away from the blame of wasting the flour, Priya kept that away. Last night we saw Mandana leave the task as she was unable to stands in the booth without having water and food. Soon after, while Priya is making breakfast, Mandana gets into an argument with her and tells her that she is not using the right method to make the parathas. This irks Prince and he tells Rochelle to stop asking him such questions. Keith, too, gets upset with Mandana and Priya's fight and remarks that the two are arguing like school kids. Rest of the housemates had a discussion over how Prince and Kishwer should respond now as the amount also matters.

Kishwer doesn't care about the money and wants to reach the top five and continues to compete with Prince. Mandana discussed and even tried to convince housemates as to why Kishwer should leave and not Prince.

The previous day, Bigg Boss increased the offer amount for the contenders of the task from Rs 6, 33, 333 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs after both Kishwer and Prince were determined to continue with the task.

To make things worse in the Ticket to Finale task, Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs 9 Lacs and cuts down the winning prize amount to Rs 41 Lacs.

By the time it is 4 pm, Mandana's frustration levels skyrocket.

Manadana got frustrated and started mopping and clearing, but that were not her duties for this week. Upon seeing her mopping the washroom area, Rishabh tells her that this is his duty for the week and he will do it. However, Mandana insists upon doing it. When Rishabh narrates the incident to the other housemates, they discuss how Mandana believes that she will be the victor and it is her money which is getting deducted from the prize money.

While Mandana Karimi pressed the buzzer and quit the task the previous day, Kishwer Merchant accepts the amount of Rs 15 lakhs and walks out of the show. This is when he also tells Prince and Kishwer that they will have to make a decision on who wants to stay and who wants to leave with the money in the next one hour. Now since Prince and Kishwer share a good bond. While, he says he wants his parents to see him in the finale, she also recalls the promise she made to Suyyash about making it to the finale. She also said "who says that one can't make relations in reality shows".