Monday, 18 January, 2016

Lauren Bushnell Photos: Ben Higgins' Bachelor Babe?

Q&A;: Why 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins refrained from kissing on night 1
David Chambers | 12 January, 2016, 20:16

Undoubtedly, the handsome software salesman from Denver is the centre of attraction in the Season 20 of "The Bachelor".

After abstaining from kissing anyone on the premier episode, Ben tested his chemistry with seven of the contestants by locking lips.

It turns out neither could ABC.

Bristowe admitted that she supports Higgins on the show, she also supports Jami fighting for the bachelor's heart. Also, Ben, take your shirt off if it's too tight.

Bachelor spoiler fans are quite anxious to see this Ben and Lauren date, considering some of the teasers about where things head later in the season.

First, Bachelor Higgins took 10 of his hand-selected bachelorettes to a high school where he and 'principal 'Chris Harrison challenged the women to compete in science, gym, lunch and geography class-inspired tasks in order to nab the title of homecoming queen. And as is possible only in rom-com world, she is a "news anchor" at the age of 23. Lace answers the call with great resolve and aplomb, storming in on Ben and reminding him that, although she knows she's coming off as crazy, she actually is not, in fact, crazy. At least Mandi has her crown... unless Steve Harvey has anything to say about it. Sorry, should we have resisted that joke?

TCU alum Olivia Caridi received the "first impression rose" on last night's season premiere of "The Bachelor". Jubilee, 24-year-old fan favorite, has the highest chance of being the next Bachelorette if she is not chosen.

Finally, the actress got to pose her question, though we're not sure she'll be happy with the answer! And Ben, of course, meets Amanda's adorable daughters.

Back at the house, Caila got the one-on-one date, much to Olivia's disappointment.

But our fave virginal front-runner redeems herself later by sinking a series of baskets while she and Ben get to know each other a bit better on the basketball court.

But we'd cry too if we thought we blew it with Ben. Hart had the idea to take them on the cheapest date possible.

"Ben, you are the sweetest Bachelor ever", Kaley continued. Unfortunately for him, nobody cared at the time - but they do now. Both twins will stick around until the Las Vegas date in Episode 4. Ben expressed interest in learning about them. But he'll end up breaking up with Haley. So with that, three girls were sent home: Jackie, Mandi, and Samantha.

Jami revealed that she is friends with Bristowe, and we couldn't help but wonder how the former "Bachelorette" feels about her friend dating Higgins. "Olivia Higgins. Let's just end the show now".