Friday, 29 January, 2016

Cate Blanchett may have a villainous role in 'Thor Ragnarok'

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David Chambers | 23 January, 2016, 11:36

While Marvel Studios is yet to officially announce if they have roped in Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett for the upcoming action-fantasy movie "Thor: Ragnarok", Mark Ruffalo has hinted that Cate may appear in the Marvel threequel as the movie's main villain. Sources have revealed to that the big, bad villain of "Thor: Ragnarok" will be Hela, who is the ruler of Hel and the realm of Niflheim in the Marvel Universe. The site reports that the villain role is that of Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death.

This new rumor suggests that Blanchett's Hela will join forces with Loki, who has usurped Odin's throne in the guise of his father, and that by the time Thor gets wise to what's happening in Asgard, their mischief has already been set in motion.

"It is a universal road movie - that's where we're heading...It's not where you'd think it will be, so it's not your classic road movie but it has that structure, I think", he added.

A lot of Marvel's fans seem to agree that Thor movies are somewhat the weakest installment in MCU.

Ragnarok will be Thor's third solo film, one which will pick up where we left off with Thor at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not content with only these areas, Hela has often tried to expand her power to Valhalla, the afterlife where all heroes and honored warriors go, but she’s been thwarted by Thor, Odin and several others.

"[And] now that Cate Blanchett is likely Hela, who wouldn't want this to be true just to see Blanchett and Josh Brolin [who will be playing Thanos] repel dozens of Avengers?". When he figures out what Hela and Loki are up to and confronts them, Hela banishes Thor from Asgard and actually destroys Mjolnir. Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows), will open in theaters on November 3, 2017.

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