Wednesday, 27 January, 2016

Zach Galifianakis Explained How Louie Anderson Got Cast as His Mom

David Chambers | 23 January, 2016, 11:46

His new FX series, co-created with Louis C.K, Baskets, IS Galifianakis. His French girlfriend Penelope, played by Sabina Sciubba, who doesn't like him at all, marries him to get a green card and leaves him as soon as they land on U.S. soil.

"Everybody on television, in comedy, a lot of them are just fast-talking jokers who have these very well-written jokes and quips".

"Not since "Life With Louie" have I done work I've enjoyed so much", said Anderson referring to his '90s Emmy-award-winning animated series. Ditto for the climax, in which Chip's planned grand exit from the clown world - a tragic performance where he tries to go the full Pagliacci - ends with him getting knocked on his ass by a bull.

Every time he would do that, I would just be blown away. "Baskets the clown!" Sure, he's not a clown in Europe, but he's one in Bakersfield, and that counts for something.

A couple of big names in the comedy business are behind a new dark comedy premiering Thursday night. Zach Galafianakis portrays a very sad clown in this supremely weird new series. Chip's exasperation, which is vast, is only ever at the fast-food place's paltry beverage choices. "Do we specifically answer the why of it?" She also wears a cast on her arm for unknown reasons, which is amusing for five episodes, but may end up being truly hysterical if she's still inexplicably wearing it in season five (which I suspect she will be). "They pick who they want to protect the most".

At home in Bakersfield, six months later, we find Chip living in a separate extended-stay motel than the one where his wife lives, though she occasionally shakes him down to pay for her cable. Galifianakis also stars as Chip's mincing twin brother Dale, alongside Louie Anderson in drag as their mother, Mrs. Baskets.

Though Louie Anderson as Zach Galifianakis's mother sounds like a stunt, it's treated as anything but Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Galifianakis, C.K., Krisel, Kelly, and Anderson.

It's actually hard to believe how much Anderson looks like an elderly woman when you put a wig and a dress on him.

"We were at my house, and I just said to Louis C.K., 'I don't know".

Comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis specializes in playing schlubs who are at once pathetic and egocentrically oblivious - outrageously confident, perpetually loud and easily wounded all at once. Another female part, Martha, is played by comedian Martha Kelly, who is an insurance adjuster who becomes Chip's friend. And as in "Portlandia" and "Louie", the comedy, while true to human nature, is touched with weirdness: an invented Neil Diamond song, "Easter in Bakersfield"; the bad French language tape that Chip listens to on ear buds throughout one episode, with phrases pulled as if from his own mind ("Je deteste ici", I hate it here; "Je voudrais echapper", I would like to escape); Kato Kaelin singing the national anthem at the rodeo; Chip's mom chugging a sports drink until she coughs it back up; the TV ads for the "career college" Dale runs out of a strip mall, whose subjects include Cell Phone Repair, Legal Guardianship, Ice Cream Truck Management, All Kinds of Chutneys and Personalized License Plating. "I have body dysmorphia", Galifianakis quipped. She would say, 'Isn't this a handsome dozen rolls? I was really scared that I would ruin it. I don't know yet whether I did ruin it. I hope not.

However, if "Baskets" demonstrates anything, it's that a project can go horribly wrong when a TV network cedes total creative control to the boldface names who brought them the show's concept and then got the network to agree to simply leave them alone while they produced the show.

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