Sunday, 03 January, 2016

Excitebike and Birdo are Coming to Super Mario Maker

New Mario Maker update mystery for December 28
Emely Stone | 31 December, 2015, 23:44

I was looking forward to Super Mario Maker from the moment it was announced in 2014. Birdo is the same egg-spitting dinosaur you know (and tolerate) from Super Mario Bros. In addition to this, two new NES Remix courses have also been released.

A Costume for Captain Toad, the star of last year's painfully adorable Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, has already been added to Super Mario Maker. The 24-player Warzone mode is one of the best new ideas in a Halo game since Halo 2 let you play online.

Add objects like the Fire Koopa Clown Car.

We're getting reports that this new Mario Maker patch for December 28 or 29 depending on region, has something to do with world record times but again we're yet to find out exactly.

"Users will no longer be able to use the words "Like", "Yeah!", and the "★" symbol in their course names.

For courses that were posted prior to the Ver. After Halo 4's multiplayer that felt more like a Call of Duty game, I'm happy that the latest game's online modes feel much more balanced.