Monday, 04 January, 2016

U.S. Population Up 0.77% Over Year

America’s Population Increases By 0.77
Arnold White | 31 December, 2015, 22:56

The estimated figures suggested by the bureau reveals that the nation's population is likely to reach 322,762,018 on December 31, 2015. The upward movement in the population graph is necessary to boost the economy and also indicates the economic strength of the country, according to demographer William H. Frey, senior Fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

Frey affirmed that an uptick in population growth is indicative of the economy's vigor, which is important. The census report even included estimation for the world population, which is to be 7.3 billion people at 2016's start, a rise of 1%, which means that earth's population increased by 77.9 million people.

During 2016, the USA will experience one birth every eight seconds and one death every 10 seconds. Net worldwide migration will add one person to the USA population every 29 seconds.

A modest rise has been estimated in the population of America, unveils the US Census Bureau. The net result will be an increase of one person every 17 seconds. "We'd like to have this growth or higher through immigration, through a little bit more fertility", said Frey. The state remained in fourth place for population despite losing people to other states.

Rizzo does not expect for births and migration to be enough in the long run to stem the population loss in Nassau and Suffolk counties, particularly when it comes to having a young and productive workforce that offsets the costs of services. This is required to maintain labor force and demand for products.