Tuesday, 12 January, 2016

Finland Agrees to Extradite Maxim Senakh

A man types on a computer keyboard in Warsaw in this
Benjamin Gardner | 09 January, 2016, 02:35

A Russian foreign ministry statement said Finland decided "a few days ago" to extradite both men.

Senakh was temporarily detained in August in Finland on the request of the US Justice Department, accusing him of cybercrime. He's accused of infecting computer servers with malware, resulting in millions of dollars' worth of criminal gains. Senakh fought his extradition in the Finnish courts. The extradition decision can not be appealed.

According to information obtained by Finnish national broadcaster Yle, Russia declared Senakh's detention illegal, but did not request his repatriation.

It is unclear whether another computer fraud suspect named by Russia, Alexander Sergeyev, will be deported.

Juhani Korhonen, counselor at the justice ministry, told Yle that Russian Federation did not have judicial grounds for demanding the suspect be sent back to his home country.

"We reaffirm our categorical objections to the extradition of Russian citizens to the United States where they are facing absurd kinds of punishment like imprisonment for more than 100 years", the statement said.

Russia has denounced the possible extradition by Finland of two Russian citizens to the United States on cyber-crime charges.

USA authorities are to escort Senakh out of Finland within a month.