Wednesday, 27 January, 2016

Bill Clinton Just Let Something Slip That Reveals How Hillary's Campaign Is

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop Friday Jan. 22 2016 in Rochester N.H Demi Lovato sings for Hillary Clinton at rally that turned sour
Emely Stone | 23 January, 2016, 11:41

Some New Hampshire Democrats are urging the presidential candidates to schedule another debate before the first-in-the-nation primary February 9. Sanders' campaign took issue with the ad's contention that Clinton was "leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war", pointing to her 2002 vote to authorize the Iraq war.

O'Mally is a former Maryland governor while Clinton is former secretary of state.

While the single-payer idea is popular among Democrats overall, more seasoned supporters warn such a plan has no chance of passing Congress. Veterans of the ObamaCare debate fear that raising the prospect of a single-payer system will distract from improving the existing law - a point that Clinton raised during her clash with Sanders at a Democratic presidential debate on Sunday.

"Senator Sanders doesn't talk much about foreign policy, but when he does it raises concerns because sometimes it can sound like he really hasn't thought it through. Not one", Clinton said at a rally at Simpson College on Thursday, according to The Washington Post. Sanders cast himself as the outsider who would lead a political revolution, while Clinton touted her experience and embraced President Barack Obama's legacy. At campaign stops, Clinton has ramped up her criticism of Sanders, questioning the practicality of his agenda to provide universal health care, his voting record on gun control and his foreign policy credentials.

"We've got a bunch of real dummies, I tell ya", he said adding, "Jeb is down the toilet and Ted is starting to go down". In 2008, Obama fueled a massive turnout in Iowa - about 240,000 people participated, compared to about 125,000 in 2004 - and few expect crowds anywhere near that 2008 size.

Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist.

"I think it would be a mistake to offer normalized relations", Clinton said, saying her commitment to the Iran nuclear deal is strong.

"I think, obviously, I would be the better choice".

On Feb. 12, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party will host major Democratic candidates at its annual Humphrey-Mondale fundraising event.

Then the ground shook with the release of a CNN poll, showing Sanders with a whopping 60 percent, almost double Clinton's share of 33 percent, and O'Malley at just 1 percent.

A test for Trump: Trump has dominated national surveys of Republican voters in the wild race for the GOP nomination, but Cruz, a sitting member of the Senate, has been creeping up on him in bellwether Iowa.

Hillary Clinton on Thursday sought to turn Sen.

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