Saturday, 23 January, 2016

Cure for Obesity: Freeze-Dried Poop?

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Randall Craig | 12 January, 2016, 14:36

Don't worry though. It's freeze dried and comes in pill form. This is no joke!

A new clinical trial that is not yet available to participants will study the effects of these microbes.

The question in many people's minds is: what does a poop pill look like?

It might sound a bit unsanitary, but could poop pills help curb obesity?

While the researchers are admittedly unsure of the outcome, there is evidence supporting the idea that changing the gut in this way can affect weight. Well, scientists actually have to freeze the feces from donors and then case the material into pills that are given to the subjects orally.

Yu stated that she did not like the fact that there was "a lot that scientists don't know about the microbes in the body or what they do".

A previous 2013 study of the tiny stomach organisms and their link to obesity saw researchers take samples from both lean twins and obese twins and implant them into lab mice. The results of the trial study were that the mice who ate the gut microbes from the thinner, healthier humans stayed thin.

But Yu admits that this new test run is still a crapshoot. Poop pills will be administered to participants every week for six weeks.

Researchers will then weigh the patients at three, six and 12 months to see how their weight loss is tracking. They should also maintain healthy eating habits throughout the trial. However, the capsules need to be acid-resistant to make sure they survive the travel down to the large intestine where the target microbes are. What the researchers found was that in spite of being on the same diet, the mouse that received the lean twin fecal matter remained lean whereas the mouse that received the obese twin's fecal matter became overweight. "Fortunately, because they're frozen, when you take them out of the freezer they sort of frost up a bit and they're not too gross".

And you thought fish oil capsules tasted bad.

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